Cook Books and Other Items

Because I coach people on Weight loss, Healthy Habits, and Success, I often get asked what products I use. 

Here are my favorites

Easy Recipes and Essential Oils

Some of my Simple, Delicious meals that we use all of the time. 

Available for Purchase

Numerous Studies are showing the benefits of Whole Plant Based Medicine over Individual Components. Learn to support your family more naturally

Looking for a delicious Replacement for a Holiday Favorite dish? This cook book will get you there.

Available for Purchase. 

The Study of the Health Benefits of Mushrooms is well known. 

As a coffee drinker, I think it is important to drink a coffee that helps boost the immune system, helps detoxification, decreases brain fog and improves Meatbolism. 

OrganoGold King Coffee does all of this. The Supreme has the added benefits of Ginseng

The entire line of warm beverages contains reishi mushroom spores and can help you on your journey to health.