Doctorate of Physical Therapy 2005, Regis University

            Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science 2002, University of Nevada Las Vegas

CFMP- Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Certified Functional Nutrition

CFDN-Certified Functional Dry Needling

AIB-ADV-VR Advanced Certification in Vestibular Rehab

Certified Vision Therapy

CTT- Certified Turbulence Trainer

CWC- Certified Wellness Coach

Manual Therapy Certification

Meet Dr. Marci Catallo-Madruga, PT, DPT, CFMP, CFDN, CWC, CTT, AdvAIB-VR

Dr. Marci is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through Nordic. Dr. Marci sought out this certification in efforts to provide patients a more well rounded perspective of the cause of symptoms and offer options other than pharmaceuticals, which is typically the first line of treatment in Western Medicine. While Dr. Marci has used manual therapy and orthopedic skills to help numerous patients with various health conditions achieve an improved quality of life, she wanted to provide more holistic care as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. She has specialized in the health and wellness field for more than15 years and applies her extensive medical knowledge to her clinical practice every day.


Dr. Marci seeks to improve the health of patients by healing the gut, balancing hormones, cleansing the liver and harmonizing all bodily systems. 


Dr. Marci lives in the Denver area of Colorado with her husband and twin sons. She loves gardening, and spending time in the mountains, biking, hiking, camping and skiing with her family. Dr. Marci understands the importance of taking care of the body to maintain an active lifestyle and healthy mind. She truly believes in the Functional Medicine and lives by this model.