What is Functional Medicine?

Care Comes First, Symptoms Management is not A solution. Cause Finding Is

Functional medicine describes a systems-based approach to health care with a comprehensive analysis of interactions between all components of the human biological system, the environment and genetics.


The body functions as an ongoing network of interconnected systems, rather than individual parts operating on their own. Each system interacts and affects the function of other organs.


Treatment of every health condition requires a true understanding of biological system interactions and the effect of environmental exposures on the body. With this insight, health care practitioners can effectively develop an individualized therapeutic approach that will result in long-lasting resolution of disease states.


The most prevalent health issues today are typically caused by the cumulative interaction between genetics,  environmental exposures, and lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise and nutrition. These factors influence digestive health, immune function and health status.


Although pathophysiological conditions have diagnostic labels for classification, such as Diabetes or Hypothyroidism, the label is not all encompassing, nor is it the cause of symptoms. Unfortunately, Western Medicine treats the symptoms of the disease rather than fixing the underlying cause. This approach only temporarily suppresses the expression of symptoms with a “Band-Aid” until the severity of the pathophysiology worsens or is expressed by the body in a new pattern. With disease-centered treatment, almost all conditions of the same diagnostic label are treated exactly the same.


Often there are multiple factors contributing to an individual’s clinical presentation and finding the root cause is the heart of functional medicine. Furthermore, each person manifests pathology in different ways; therefore, the causes leading to their specific condition should be evaluated individually and treated in an personalized manner with patient-centered care.


As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Marci understands the connection between your diet, physical well-being and performance. Dr. Marci evaluates each patient to determine the reason behind how and why their illness occurs. By considering your lifestyle, preferences, and potential barriers to achieving goals, Dr. Marci can modify contributing factors and enhance others to provide effective interventions and improve patient outcomes.


Utilizing the Functional Medicine approach will save future spending that would otherwise be put towards medications that only momentarily conceal your symptoms, cause unwanted side effects, increase stress to other systems, and lead to more and greater problems in the future. By treating pathophysiology with a patient-centered, systems-based approach, you can experience relief from dependence on expensive medications and unnecessary procedures. With support and individualized care, you will be enabled to successfully manage debilitating conditions which have failed to improve with mainstream medical treatment.


Patient-specific treatment is the future of medicine. Identifying the cause of your health condition, then personalizing the treatment to restore health will soon be the accepted norm for people who are sick and exhausted from merely treating symptoms.

              “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results

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